As you know, ( and you know because you have been keeping up with my blog!) that I have been with SanCo for nearly 3 months now and learning more and more with each appointment I schedule. When it comes to metal stampings, I am pretty confident in carrying on a conversation and the same is true for aluminum extrusions.  But when it comes to investment castings, my mouth locks shut and the only thing I could tell them about it is the simplified process of the investment casting process.  A three year old could understand my version and this shouldn’t be the case.
Now it’s not by lack of desire or genuine research.  I have looked it up, seen pictures, but when it comes to the multitude of different types I get tongue tied. Now before you start assuming I’m not the brightest bulb on the tree, I’m college educated and not a idiot. At first, I went with the “shake your head and agree” but that quickly made me look like a moron so I’ve started taking a different approach.  As soon as the subject comes up, I simply tell them castings it is not my forte and would be glad to get their questions as well as get them in touch with somebody who can better help meet their needs. It seems to be genuinlly respected.  As my father always said, when you are honest with people you’ll earn their respect. As all stubborn kids find out at one point or another, you parents are always right.
Here is my best explanation of my trouble with casting parts.  When we get a new principal, I typically go out and visit the plant.  I take a tour, get explained the process and learn hands on.  It’s at that point my mind wraps around the potential and I am able to help meet my customers needs a bit better. This being said, we have planned a trip to our casting foundry in the near future for me to better serve my territories.  I’m excited to continue to learn this industry…. having a lot of fun at it this far.