I just took over the Norther Louisiana market and am happy to have just made my first trip that direction.  The Shreveport area is a unique market for metal stampings, aluminum extrusions, and various casting and screw machine parts. There are not many “industrial area’s” as you would find in larger metropolitan area’s which making working area’s like these very difficult and somewhat time intensive.
One of my favorite things to do within a business day is hit a particular area and work that area for hours.  It is not uncommon to see 20-30 people within a day.  I was somewhat disappointed with only seeing 12 people Wednesday, but in all honesty, I worked very hard to see those 12. The territory and layout of Northern Louisiana is going to be a nice challenge for me and I look forward to building it to a very successful market.
Quick side note:  Never fool yourself into thinking that while in Shreveport it is a good idea to just stay at a casino because it has the cheapest room rate. (which they do)  Between the casino, entertainment, and drinks, it will be sure to make your following day even more challenging then it already is.  My advice? Always listen to your dad… he has yet to be wrong in anything he has ever taught me.