SanCo Sales is proud to represent Wrico Stamping for all of your metal stamping needs.  If you are considering changing from laser to a more precise operation, metal stamping may be right for you.  Once your EAU’s get about a couple hundred pieces per year, it is worth your time to check out metal stamping as an alternative.
Why Choose Wrico?
Wrico Stamping Company specializes in short to medium run stampings.  We are also capable of high production progressive die programs.  Our presses range from 20 to 400 tons and we have multiple 5-axis and X-Y stationary laser cutters with auto-loading FMS systems.
We work with most materials…our lasers handle CRS and HRPO to ½” thick.  We do aluminum and stainless steel to 1/4” thick.  We also have robotic welding, spot welding, and light assembly capabilities including weld nuts and Pems.
Our in-house engineering and tooling departments provide design support along with the most efficient and cost effective manufacturing process possible.  We work with you to meet your cost targets and program/production requirements and provide full prototyping services before running actual production.   The convenience and efficiency attained by having in-house tooling capabilities significantly reduces program development time.
We are certified ISO 9001:2008 serving the nation’s leading OEM manufacturers in a variety of industries including defense, appliances, electronics, recreational vehicles, and lawn & garden equipment.  We have six facilities located across the United States and provide JIT and KanBan services (dock to stock) to a number of our customers.
We have full EDI capability and exchange EDI documents with most of our larger customers saving them time and money in the areas of forecasting, planning, ordering, and billing.