SanCo Sales is proud to represent some of the finest forging companies in the world.  Whether you are looking for forged rings, ope die forging or closed die forging,  SanCo has you covered all over North Texas… From Dallas to Fort Worth… East Texas to West Texas.
I recently had the opportunity to tour a forging facility.  I have always been a bit of nerd when it comes to manufacturing and manufacturing processes, but watching a hunk of steel be pounded into a stronger, more condensed piece of metal was something I think any age group could get some enjoyment out of.  The mere size of the machines forging this metal was impressive not to mention the end result.  A lot of people think of forging as a relatively small process, like forging a sword blade and envision a black smith hammering a piece of golden hot metal to form the shape of the object (at least this is what I thought of when the word forging came up)
Today, the process is much more sophisticated and on a much larger scale.  Forged rings that make it to offshore oil rigs are sometimes as big as the average living room.  If you are interested in finding out more about our forging sources, do not hesitate to give us a call.  If you ever find yourself near a forging facility, it might be worth a drop in.  It’s something that will have a lingering affect on how you view manufacturing and forgings.
SanCo Sales is proud to represent the following manufactures in Dallas, Fort Worth, East Texas and West Texas for all of your forging needs!
Scot Forge