I have just completed my territory cycle and have visited all of my states.  My last drop in was Oklahoma City. This trip, I was graced with the owner of SanCo Sales joining me on my drop ins. Among the many things I learned from John over the past week was that my job is not a marathon.  Too often, I try to get in and out of as many places as I can… the shot gun affect of sales.  Watching John  has opened my eyes to a new type of sales approach.  As simple as it may sound, take time with each customer and genuinlly find where you can be an asset within their organization.
John focuses on the customer and the needs that are not being met.  Through relationship building and a strong reputation within the industry, there is rarely a problem SanCo Sales cannot fix.  I found it interesting the other day while taking a look at the companies that SanCo represents.  It is a core group of Aluminum Extruders, Metal Stampers, Investment Casting Foundries, Sheet Metal Fabricators, Forging Houses and Plastic molding companies.  The companies that you will find on our Who We Represent page have outstanding reputations and are extremely concerned with customer service.  I don’t mean modern day customer service, I mean old fashioned customer service where the customers needs are always met and doing business with one another is more than just dollar signs, but actual relationships.
Each week, I become more and more proud of the company I work for and the companies we represent.  If you ever have a desire to tour one of our principals, do not hesitate to give SanCo a call.  I am more than confident you will be impressed as well.