For those of you who do not understand the title, it’s a popular hip hop song… just thought I’d let you know.  Mention it to your kids and it will probably freak them out at how cool you’ve become.
Anywho, I just completed my first solo sales trip for SanCo Sales.  I was nervous coming into it, everyone I spoke with told me how bad days could be and how you had to pick yourself up off the ground a lot and keep chugging along.  After much anticipation, the trip went great.  Out the door every morning beating the bushes and I have never had more fun working in my entire life.  I am not sure if it’s the territory I’m working or my approach, but everyone was extremely friendly and some would bend over backwards to help me get to the right person within the orgainization.  Perhaps it’s my naivetiy, but I always approach every call the same… put a smile on your face and look like a lost puppy.
One thing I wasn’t prepared for is the amount of calls I made that involved various types of castings.  On a typical call, I try and focus on metal stampings and metal fabrication.  This trip seemed to be full of folks who needed investment castings.  Not knowing a whole lot about castings I spoke in general terms and admitted when the conversation was over my head… I think people generally appreciate honesty.. this is also where looking like a sad puppy can benefit you, almost out of sadness, they would hand over drawings.
All in all, great trip and I am looking forward to many more like it in the future!