That’s right, I used the word “rubber” three times in the title… I’m daring.  SanCo is proud to represent Fusion Inc for all of your rubber needs.  I have yet to send Fusion a part that they have not been able to compete on and I say that with a straight face.
Fusion goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction… they even sign their emails with a friendly “consider it done.”  That one phrase sums up my dealings with them.   When you present Fusion with you project needs… consider it done.
Here is a short list of what Fusion Inc can do for you:
Fluid Power Seals
Custom Molded Rubber and Plastic
PTE Products
Radial Shaft Seals
Valve Stems Seals and Block Plugs
Floating Seals
Foam Products
Sub Assembly and More!
Contact us today with any rubber needs for Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana!