So, I thought now would be a good idea to introduce some of the SanCo sales team.  Kelly Horton is SanCo’s North Texasrepresentative and has been in the industry for quite a while.  I have had an opportunity to ride around with Kelly on a few sales calls over the course of two days and have grown to admire his work ethic and integrity.  Kelly is truly a guy that walks into a sales call with the intention of meeting an unmet need.  You know how some sales guys only want RFQ’s?  Kelly walks into a company looking for issues with current vendors and only then seeks to be a solution to that problem. Kelly is an asset to SanCo sales and he is a proud member of the SanCo Team. (Kelly is pictured left in the picture)
Chad Sandifer (me and I will be writing in 3rd person for added emphasis, the below may or may not be embellished) joined the SanCo team only months ago.  He is quickly becoming a master of representing the OEM industry.  He has taken a combination of skills learned from John (owner) and Kelly (mentioned above) and has really showed initiative and overall amazingness in his ability to over hype his net worth to the company.  In all seriousness, I have learned a lot in the short months since I have joined SanCo and look forward to learning more everyday and meeting great folks in company all across Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Northern Louisiana.