Well, I just got back from my first business road trip with SanCo Sales Inc.  I actually had a fantastic time.  We went and spent 4 days in Tulsa, Oklahoma to represent our lines in that territory.  Anything from metal stampings, castings, machine shops, forgings to aluminum extrusions, we stopped by as many manufacturers as we could to stir up some business.
For some reason or another, I thought that hitting the Tulsa area would be a simple task over a 4 day span…. Not even close.  We did our best to meet up as many current clients as we could and worked cold calls to businesses near our current clients.  Surprisingly, most folks were extremely nice and receptive. Others, however, were cold, rude and distant.  This was really my first experience of “shotgun” cold calling.  By that I mean, dropping into any place that could our services… regardless of the quantities they needed or the size of the account.
All in all, I feel like I was made for this type of work. If you live in Arkansas or Oklahoma (my territories) I look forward to meeting you soon. I am sure you will meet me as I don’t plan on leaving a rock unturned.
Having a good reputation is crucial in this business and I’m proud to be backed by the SanCo Sales name.  They have been in the metal stamping, aluminum extrusion, Forgings, machine shop, casting rep business for over 30 years. Truly an honor.