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SanCo Sales is a manufacturers' representative agency selling made-to-print components and assemblies in metal, plastic and rubber to the Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma OEM market. Our mission is to provide individualized attention and develop solutions for your company's unique needs. Our goal is to understand your product and manufacturing process in order to find solutions that reduce your total cost.

We represent a group of manufacturing companies with the capabilities to produce custom and standard parts and assemblies usually found only in the largest corporations. We are proud to represent the best in metal stamping, aluminum extrusions, plastic extrusions, plastic moldings, RF Welding & Sewing, castings, screw machines, LED lighting, swiss machine, hardware, along with other plastic, metal, and rubber made - to - print components.

Focused on taking the best care of each and every client, we strive to not only meet, but far exceed any expectation you have. It doesn't matter if your business is in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma or Louisiana, we represent the manufacturer's to lower costs and decrease your lead times. Contact us with your questions or needs - we'll be glad to help!

We have recently added a blog to our website to keep you up to date with global manufacturing news and what is going on inside SanCo Sales.  We hope you take a minute to check it out and tell us hello.  We look forward to working with you! Whether you need new parts to complete your projects or you are looking for new vendors to reverse engineer your current parts, we've got you covered.

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Corporate Mailing Address: SanCo Sales, Inc.

• PO Box 892 • Crandall (Dallas), TX 75114 • PHONE: 214-679-9417 • FAX: 972-427-8949

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