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Open and Closed Die & Rolled Rings


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Open Die 

  • Shafts & Spindles, Rings, Bars, Discs, Cylinders, Sleeves, and Blocks
  • Capacity up to 150,000lbs
  • 35ft in length
  • 80″ in Diameter 

Closed Die & Upset

  • 20lb to 6,000lbs
  • 20″ Height
  • 100″ in Diameter (O.D.)
  • Upset forgings
  • Crankshafts-Rough or Finish Machined

Rolled Rings

  • Up to 160″ OD

  • 26″ face height

  • Custom profiles of contoured rolled ring products, such as flange forgings


Melt, Heat Treat, Machining up to 30ft, Welding, Gear Cutting, Paint, Plating, Metal Fab, Assembly & Testing


Carbon & Steel Alloys- including Stainless, Tool Steel, Aluminum & High Temp Nickel Alloys

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