I am excited to report that I just completed the first trade show of my life.  This particular show was the AmCon trade show in Houston, TX. It primarily focused on different metal formings but plastic parts were there as well. Obviously, the companies there had samples strewn about their tables showing the capabilities of each of their facilities and were more or less selling their process for a particular product.
I was at the trade show representing Wrico Stamping out of Grapevine, TX.  Wrico is a metal stamping company making anything from customs brackets, to full assembly of your sheet metal component parts.  I was joined at the trade show with Steve Boleman (Houston Rep), Gary Holloway (Sales Manager at Wrico) and John Sandifer  ( SanCo Sales owner).  I have personally never met a better group of folks. Between showing Wrico’s capabilities and getting sales tips from some very successful reps, I heard and witnessed some of the greatest stories of my life…. if this was my own blog and my father was not the owner, I would probably have the courage to share some of those stories with you… unfortunately, it’s not my blog and my dad is my boss.
Long story short, we had a great time and I learned a lot about the metal stamping industry. From metal forming to laser cutting… I learned more then I could ever write in this blog.
Below is a look at the crew.
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