I personally have had the pleasure of working the Oklahoma territory for over a year now.  I have really enjoyed the landscape and the people up there.  It is one of the friendliest places I have ever been.
One of the manufactures we represent that direction is Wrico Stamping.  Wrico is one of the country’s largest metal stampers and has a reputation for completing projects on time and right the first time.  Presently, the need for metal stamped parts in Oklahoma is growing and so are the questions that are associated with this process.
I often hear people tell me that they do not need metal stampings because they use a laser to burn their parts out.  Often, using a laser is a great option IF your volumes are relatively low. (side note here, Wrico also has a laser and is has been very competitive for my customers)  What a lot of folks do not realize is that stamping your parts may be a huge cost saver once your estimated annual volumes begin to exceed 200-300 parts.  It is at this point that we usually find any tooling associated with metal stamping is off set by the decreased piece price.
It seems that I fight this battle monthly, but once the customer begins to understand the benefits, they often make the switch immediately. You get cheaper parts, more consistent parts and often times; we are able to hold tighter tolerances.
I encourage you to take a look at your laser work or any projects coming up in the near future.  If the volumes are nearing that 250 mark, metal stamping may be the better option for you.
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