Well, it has finally happened. I have decided that I love my job. I have now been at it nearly 6
months, and the excitement hasn’t worn off. I will admit, I still don’t know as much about some processes as I should, but I am confident that other members of the SanCo team will continue to train and help me become successful in this industry. I have had the pleasure of working Oklahoma and Arkansas and these territories are filled with some of the greatest people I have ever met.
I sat down with one gentleman the other day in Oklahoma City who gave me the 411 on how buyers perceive reps. I thought it was particularly interesting when he told me that a seasoned buyer welcomed reps. He explained that as a buyer, his job was to continually make sure that the price he was getting on metal stamped parts, extrusions, sand castings, etc… was the most competitive and best quality he could find. He went further to say that occasionally I would run into a buyer that wouldn’t meet with me or might come off as rude. He gave a grin and told me “don’t worry too much about that, he won’t be the purchasing agent there very long.”
It was the first time in my career at SanCo a buyer took the time to explain how important my job was and how much he appreciated me being persistent enough to drop in for an appointment. (this particular client was one I have called on every time I was in OKC, but our schedules never seemed to match up)
All in all, I am finally starting to learn the ropes. I get excited thinking of all the people I will see in the future and all the business relationships that will form from it.